This is it! We’ve just finished the last part of brewing!!! Franeta Mall powered by BDI, Inc. is really happening! 100 boxes with approximately 2,000 plus of items varying from wellness and beauty, to home appliances & electronics were delivered yesterday to Lazada Warehouse as initial stock placement.

The people behind BDI could not have done all of these provisions if not for the determination to deliver the best pictures in wellness & beauty, home appliances & electronics.

Numerous feedbacks and countless inquiries were all recorded for the past months, making the company more eager to deliver and perform more.

We dedicate this one for our clients as we hope to gain continuous patronage from them.

The management, as promised, will do its best to bring you the latest products and innovations that would make your lives easy and bringing the #FranetaMall to life as the newest ecommerce brand is one of those.

Live & up to date with all the products on the platform to be announced next!🙏

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